What is Nydronia?

Nydronia is a cryptocurrency token built with ethereum blockchain or stablecoin backed by products that will be created by the union of the founders with companies, producers and industries whose unit will have as application the application of blockchain networks and robotization, optimizing from the smallest to the most complex of the entity. Obtaining as a result lower cost and higher quality products. To then be sold to merchants in any type of cryptocurrency, but highlighting the discount for the purchase of products with our token, thus obtaining indirect beneficiary support for producers, entrepreneurs, merchants and the general public.


Why Nydronia?

Nydronia is a token that connects the real and virtual world with infinite advantages when it comes to using it, in addition to not losing its value due to the fact that it will be backed by highly marketable products. With the upcoming crypto presales, individuals will have the exclusive opportunity to acquire Nydronia at discounted rates, maximizing their potential returns on investment. Eventually more alliances and products will be created to support it, thus obtaining benefits simply by keeping them.


Why Choose Nydronia?

Nydronia has designed to create all the tools to obtain discounts and to be a currency which, in addition to being safe, gives% of profits to all its users. The creation of branches in high consumption countries is the main idea. Whose located branches endowed with: Importer, exporter, customer service, alliance management, distribution and development service. The arrival of stores that only accepts NIA is imminent, its opening will begin specifically due to the development of the token in the nation, in addition to offering people and the general public all kinds of information about the token and how to buy with it.

Problem & Solution

Most companies, industries and producers use a totally obsolete and old system, they are prone to scams, negligence and corruption.

The world is losing the great advantages that using bloackchain networks can be.

No one has created a token that is backed by products, that is, the Product-Nydronia relationship.

No one has created a token to invest in innovation aimed at creating a better quality-price of products.

The world is going through totally strong situations and production is low, due to the lack of workers.

The global market is built in a single way that only feeds the richest.

Nydronia's alliance with any entity can facilitate the way of working in all sectors thanks to the application of technologies, highlighting blockchain networks.

Due to the great optimization of the companies, products of less cost are obtained, which can easily be competitive against the others and can be purchased by any merchant who pays with our token or cryptocurrency.

The creation of Nydronia is based on a roadmap where it begins with entities that want to work with Nydronia or by virtue of it those that are owned by Nydronia, in all these places the application of blockchain networks is imminent. We will be the guarantors of this type of technology and its application, as well as its spread. The way of working of us, will make an explosion in the other companies to incur this new way of managing any entity.

Nydronia has infinities of things to do and achieve in the physical world, with the simple fact of us forming alliances, improving the market and making everyone win.

Nydronia is a token that came to break paradigms and myths in the global market, making it fully competitive.

Nydronia can be used by everyone in any place, time and circumstance. We are a digital token and with a lot of value, which will provide quite a few solutions to everyone. Beyond its universal usability, Nydronia holds substantial value, offering a myriad of solutions for users across various domains, including casinos and casino not on Gamstop. The integration of tokens in such casinos adds a layer of efficiency and convenience to transactions.


  • The main feature of the NIA is the support for products, in financial terms this type of currency is called stablecoin.
  • Direct connection to blockchain technology, in the world of cryptocurrencies this is a very relevant term, but for Nydronia, it is essential for the union of the real world with the virtual one.
  • It has incredible security when it comes to protecting your assets and at the same time you can get lots of your investment.
  • It is a token and an entity that is against fraud operations, it is the main focus for better efficiency in all sectors.
  • Indirect support to company, producer, industry, commerce and independent actor.
  • High usability since most of the products will be in NIA, offering usability compared to popular tokens.
  • Connection of real world with virtual, integrating all kinds of actors and any type of person.
  • It will be a main actor to break barriers and paradigms in the field of products, there will be no borders, ethnic groups, or policies that stop the destiny of products, nor the spread of Nydronia for a globalized common good.
  • It will have branches in cities anywhere in the world to promote its use in a certain location.

Physical Products

The NYDRONIA token will be backed by each product of our line called NYDRA-LINEA, by the company NYDRONIA C.A. Main products of the NYDRA-LINEA line

Nydronia comes in to make a difference with its different way of creating, making and selling products.



In the alcohol branch we have NICARON, our main player in the market. It is a rum made from sugar cane, yeast, cocoa, a special blend of extract from a combination of barrels and a secret ingredient.



In the food branch we have NIDRO PAN, our main actor in this branch. It is precooked corn-based flour, with which you can make tamales, cachapas and arepas.



In the food branch we have Maria Emperatriz, with this product adds in the food branch the contributions of quality rice and accessibility.



Don Fermin Calderon 100% refined and with high quality, price and quantity. It is destined to the food line and to flatter the life of our community, the best Don Fermin Calderon in the world is Don Fermin Calderon.



A tomasa 100% of Venezuelan cocoa, which adds a special flavor to the food line. The variety of products that support Nydronia will give you a value not only added, but a taste of each nation.

Token Allocation

30%Pre Sale
40%Airdrop & Bounty
10%Marketing & Promotion
10%Public Sale
10%Foundation Reserve

Our Partners

Token Name Nydronia
Token Symbol NIA
Total Supply 100,000,000
Token Type ERC20
Token Decimals 18
Token Contract 0xdB11F6Fc8E16c02719e9c2Eb3c4C762feE8F5C5b

Mobile Wallet


The creation of the Nydronia wallet is essential to obtain independence and offer our entire community the virtues of NIA, the available functions of the wallet will be: exchange and hold p2p payment and among otherfunctionalities.

  • Safe and secure
  • User friendly
  • Multi-level security
  • Send & Recivie or hold ERC-20 token
  • Track youre portfolio
  • Manage youre account
  • Trade on exchange market
  • Coming Soon

Road Map

2020 Q3
  • Nydronia starts in the global market.
  • List on various exchanges.
2020 Q4
  • Application of alliances with companies, industries and producers.
  • Support for the first 5 products in Nydronia.
  • Opening branches in exclusive locations.
2021 Q1
  • Internal commercial initiative and advertising campaign.
  • Second round of products for backup.
  • Stores and shops under the name of Nydronia.
  • Advisors and trained people willing to make Nydronia known in all shops, places and any service for the acceptance of the token.
2021 Q2
  • Investment in new blockchain and robotics network technologies.
  • Opening of new branches.
  • Expansion in home service.
2021 Q3
  • Incursion in new types of products.
  • Third round of products for backup.
  • Improvement in import and export in branches.
2021 Q4
  • Wallet creation for the easy use of Nydronia and 0 commissions.
  • Development of products of greater technical elaboration.
  • Research and studies in all kinds of products.
2022 Q1
  • Opening of companies, industries and producers under the ownership of Nydronia.
  • Nydronia will start in the world of property sharse.
  • Job creation
2022 Q2
  • Expansion and improvement in import and export with all means of transportation.
  • Fourth round of products for support, with diversified products.
2022 Q3
  • Token consolidated and massive, used to buy any product in any branch.
  • Application of technologies financed by Nydronia.
  • Forums and expansion of ideas worldwide.
2022 Q4
  • Construction of institutes financed by Nydronia for the study of the new pioneering subjects of the future.
  • Industries 5.0.
  • Promoter and incentive of all types of projects for a globalized benefit.
2023 Q1
  • Supportive initiative for nations that lack basic technologies, food, medicines and products.
  • Fifth round of support products, with highly qualified and globally recognized products.
  • Wealth generation for millions of people.
2023 Q2
  • New roadmap to follow the next 5 years.
  • Investment fruits, by obtaining future generations to take the reins of Nydronia.
  • Creation of charitable foundation.

Executive team

Sebastiam Salazar
Founder & CEO
Don Marvey
Victor Oliva
Jose Ignacio
Products Manager
Akeem Lekan
Web Developer