What is Nydronia?

Nydronia is a cryptocurrency token built with ethereum blockchain or stablecoin backed by products that will be created by the union of the founders with companies, producers and industries whose unit will have as application the application of blockchain networks and robotization, optimizing from the smallest to the most complex of the entity. Obtaining as a result lower cost and higher quality products. To then be sold to merchants in any type of cryptocurrency, but highlighting the discount for the purchase of products with our token, thus obtaining indirect beneficiary support for producers, entrepreneurs, merchants and the general public.

How many Nydronia in total?

100 million.

How can Nydronia give discounts, offers and bonuses?

Nydronia is the creator of each product, it will work together with companies for the creation of products with high demand in the global market, also work together with companies for the creation of high demand products in their respective country (Alliance NYDRONIA- BUSINESS). The application of blockchain networks and smart contracts will transform each company with which Nydronia will work and make its operation more efficient, resulting in reduced costs when putting the product on sale. The application of technologies, trained personnel and marketing will make Nydronia have it from entrepreneurs to people who are simply going to buy any product in any store where they accept Nydronia.

Who will buy Nydronia and for what?

The main buyers of Nydronia will be merchants with and without business, suppliers, entrepreneurs and buyers who wish to purchase any product. They will use it for all kinds of benefits.

Why purchase Nydronia on the first sale?

The first buy is mostly for investors who want to win by splitting their investment in Nydronia, the token will be worth $0.75. The token value will have a market value of $3 just finishing the total sale of tokens due to the backing of the top 5 Nydronia products. The usability to buy products and each product that comes onto the market will give Nydronia much more value, you decide whether to spend or save.

How do I earn more Nydronia?

There are more than several ways to earn Nydronia. Here's a few.
Airdrop Program: participating our airdrop program and referral other people.
Bounty Program: participating our bounty program.
Developer Bounty: where you can participate building Nydronia only if you have special special skills and abilities from design, creatives and programming.
Medium Article Writing: where your writing skills and abilities can be rewarded based on the content of your articles